August 23


20 Principles You Should Live By To Get Everything You Want In Life!

By Genevieve L.

August 23, 2019

You should really master this right now.

  • 1. There’s nothing you can’t achieve in life if you’re willing to work for it
  • 2. Take responsibility for your life
  • 3. There’s always something to be grateful for
  • 4. Follow your own path
  • 5. Never stop learning and working on yourself
  • 6. Live with integrity
  • 7. Give your all!
  • 8. You can change the way you feel at any moment by changing your focus
  • 9. Don’t chase money. Follow your purpose
  • 10. There’s no such thing as a failure, unless you fail to learn the lesson
  • 11. The end result will be worth the sacrifice
  • 12. Patience is power
  • 13. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy
  • 14. Nothing that has happened in the past can stop you from creating a better future
  • 15. It’s never too late to be great
  • 16. Not everyone will be happy for you
  • 17. Habits make or break you
  • 18. Fear is an illusion
  • 19. Without direction, you’ll end up in the wrong section
  • 20. No one will believe in you until you do
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